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Consider not only what tasks teams will perform, but the location at which they will perform them.

Remember to vary the types of places you go to. Choose some that are busy, some that are quiet, some urban, some out in the countryside.
It is important to think about whether a public location will suit your group. If you think they might be a bit unruly, it is better to keep visits to busy locations (eg. shopping centres, etc.) to a minimum. I speak from experience!

Use the resources you have available to you. Be prepared to ask around your social group to find out where people work, or where their friends work, these could be possible stopovers.

Other places you might like to try; public parks or reserves, playgrounds, local monuments or attractions, tourist information centres, friends houses, beaches or rivers!


Be prepared to involve people you know who work in the local area. If you happen to know the night manager at a local shop, then organise to drop in. Go directly to shops you are interested in, even if you don’t know anyone. Ask if they would be willing to be involved in your groups Amazing Race.
Businesses may be willing to help if you offer to give them a certificate of appreciation! You can print one up in something like MSWord after the race.

The Activities
The Race itself often includes challenges such as; eating large amounts of food, eating disgusting foods, counting a large number of items (eg tables in a shopping centre fod court), finding an item/items or people, finding a shop or location, carrying items long distances, assembling a difficult structure.
Generally it’s better to choose activities that rely on luck or strategy. Try to avoid activities that require strength, because some people may have trouble. Ideally, plan the activities so that everyone can participate fully.

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